We bought an old property that had a 90ft deep well that is about a 100 foot from the barn. The well had not been used in years but I wanted Paw to fix it so that I could water the garden, pumpkin patch and several orchards. So Paw bought a a Jet pump and put in the barn and yesterday ran underground pipe 100ft to the well. Paw put the injector foot at 60 ft in the 90 ft well. It seems to be working great but it only been a half days. We kept digging more ditches and now I have 5 faucets about 75 ft apart all thru the property. So we got about 500 feet of buried pipe.
Everything seems to be working great. Sometimes our pressure isn't consistent. I think that is because we never installed a pressure tank but thats okay because we are only watering outside garden and trees.

I have two questions
1) I hear a gurgling/splashing sound, almost sounds like water going back into the well. If we cutoff the jet pump and close my 5 faucets the noise will stop but not immediately. The well water level is at 15 feet but the injector/foot is at 60 ft. Could we be hearing the injector 60 ft down thru a steel plate lid?

2) Paw used an old strainer/foot from a different kind of pump. He says its fine but I was concerned that if it didn't match our pentair myers HR pump that it might not be strained enough to take a quick drink from on a hot day. I guess I am asking how critical is the strainer.

Thanks for the help.

Granny DP