Hello Bob
Trying to help a friend--the well is a 5 inch steel casing submersible pump hooked up at 220.
Don't know the depth or the setting depth of the pump. She had a lightning strike on her property and knocked out quite a few of the home appliances--not sure if this is part of the problem.
If using normal amount of water the pump will come on and shut off ok and if using a large amount of water when using an outside hose where the pump cycles on and off rapidly the pumb will come down to say 25 and the points will close but the pump won't start--after a few minutes the pump will start back up. It looks like there is a overload shut off in the submersible pump that after it cools down then starts back up.
ALSO when the pump is running the electric meter from the power co. just flys.
Also noticed that there are only TWO wires to the pressure switch and only wired to one side of lhe switch unlike my own where the pump is wired to the two inside points and the power is to the two outside points on the pressure switch and when the switch closes power is placed to the motor.
The pump builds up pressure quickly and her electric bill has gone up over $100.00 in the last month. The pump seems to be really using the electric when it is running.
Thanks for any help
len in michigan