I have a red jacket 1\2 hp 10gpm with a pumptek no flow sensor. It is at 95 feet and the well is 2gpm. Just had the well cleaned and tested last summer. Pump is from 1994. I also have a 2500 gal holding tank and a 1\2 hp 10gpm submersible 2 wire unit that I installed less than a year ago. The 10gpm pump pumps it down in 7 minutes. Then the pumptek shuts it down. The cycle time is set for 30 minutes. Everything seemed ok.
The flow tek started shuting the pump off after 30 seconds. Acted like the well went dry. Had the pump guys out. Trust worthy knowledgeable guys. They tested everything. Said they could by pass the no load sensor and the pump pumped fine. They stuck a new no load sensor in and no change to the problem. The only thing they found was the main power supply was at 255 volts. They thought that may be part of the problem. I called the power company and they came and recalibrated and confirmed it was too high but too high was good for pump motors. Bad for lights. Any way problem seemed to be resolved for a month or so. Now its back. Same thing. I re set the flow tek to 10 minutes. It is not keeping up with the demand.
Its Xmas. I spent way too much on gifts and dont want to spend a grand on a new pump if thats not needed. Any ideas?