I am trying to figure out what type of pump I need for this application:
This is for a residential summer camp.
There is currently a 10K gal. storage tank top of the hill gravity feeding 12 buildings at the bottom of the hill. Fantastic supply and pressure there.
They are wanting to feed some restrooms and drinking fountains around the athletic fields that is on top of the same hill as the tank. The plan is two separate 4 commode R.R. facilities with a dbl. hand wash sinks outside. There will also be 20+ drinking bubblers along the way. The last r.r building will be at the end of the line about 1,600ft away. I plan to run 1.25 inch poly pipe up to the tank and install either a constant pressure pump or a regular submersible pump with a cycle stop valve into the top of the tank.
1. total run 1600 ft.
2. 1.25" poly pipe
3. Tank volume 10,000
4 depth of water in tank 8'
5. elevation change is negative 50ft.
6. Hoping to have around 25psi at the end of the run.
7. hoping for at least 6gpm at the end.

They are not looking for cheap, just the best bang for the buck. I am looking for suggestions on type of pump system and maybe your favorite brands.