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Thread: JTP45 Jet-Pump (750W) water-Pump

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    JTP45 Jet-Pump (750W) water-Pump

    I have one of these excellent water pumps made by China Sea-Pumps but it has now gone on the Fritz. I suspect that the internal Thermal Overload Protector has gone open circuit. I therefore need to get the motor apart. so as not to cause too much butchery I need to ask a few dis-assembly questions, hoping that the forum members may have already been there on this model of pump:-
    (i) Removal of the plastic cooling-fan: does this easily lever-off with one or two screwdrivers or is there a hidden fastener - if so, how to remove?
    (ii) Can the motor carcass be removed from the pump bell-housing without dis-assembly of the pump casing i.e. is the pump impeller bolted to the end of the motor shaft or is there an easy slide-out spline?
    (iii) Where is the Thermal Over-load Protector located within the motor casing? Is it embedded in the windings? which end of the motor is it located at, i.e. the pump-end or the fan-end?
    (iv) Are these TOP's readily available or have they been superceded, can the latest version be easily retro-fitted?
    (v) Can anyone direct me to a free online resource describing the dis-assembly procedure, internal component diagrams, videos, etc?
    I would be most grateful for all help and assistance. (see attachment for picture of pump).
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