I've got a cottage on Lake Michigan, the cottage sits up from the beach about 50 steps. At the beach level is my well pit with a 1 1/4" well. Forgive (and correct) me if I use the wrong terminology. There is a 1 1/4" pipe coming up from the ground going to a 1/2HP Berkley pump and there is also a well mate 2m9 29.5gallon pressure tank in the pit as well.

I've never had good water pressure and it just seems worse now. I've got an excellent supply of water from the well as my well pit is at the water level of the lake a couple hundred feet away. The pressure switch is set to on at 20, off at 40. My pump can barely get to 40psi but it eventually does and turns off. When it gets down to the cut on psi of 20 I have basically no pressure in the cottage so I thought since I am losing 20psi climbing the hill why not set it to 40/60. Problem is the well pump won't get my pressure over 40psi so I was wondering what are my options? Do I need a stronger pump? If so how big should I go? Is it something else? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.20180708_073935.jpg20180708_073945.jpg20180708_074002.jpg20180708_074007.jpg20180708_074021.jpg