Last month, when the pump service installed my new well pump, wire and pipe they installed two check valves. They told me it's a 'must' to have two. When the pump from the well would start up to fill my cistern, the water came out almost immediately. The well is a low producing well, but I am only getting a few minutes of fill right now before the pump saver shuts things down.

Last night I shut off power to the well pump. This morning I stood next to the cistern & listened to the water filling the cistern. Normally it might gurgle & burp a little at first, after beginning the fill. Today it took a little while for the water to get going, as it burped and gurgled and began filling. During the duration of the filling, I heard the burping and sputtering from time to time, which is unusual. It was not the typical smooth fill either. Typically when the well saver stops the water, the sound of the water is pretty shallow/soft by then. Today the sound was still strong, yet the pump saver it shut off. It only filled for 5 or 7 minutes, after being shut off all night. Usually it would fill for about 45 minutes before shutting down.

Do any of these strange new things sound like a faulty check valve?

I seem to remember reading something once talking about the potential problems of installing 2 check valves in a well pipe. If one off the check valves isn't working properly, can that cause a suction or some sort of static (or ??) that could cause these symptoms?

Thanks for your input.