I have a National Pump Co MSV 100 (vertical 2 stage jet pump) sitting on top of a 2 inch galv well using a packer Jet Assembly. The pump is about 9 years old.
I started it up this spring and the pump started giving me a squeaking sound from the top end of the motor after it was running for about 20 mins.
I shut the pump down and started the pump again about an hour later. It ran for about 20 mins and started squeaking again and was giving a slight vibration.
I removed the pump and brought it to a local shop that does bearings for pumps and motors. They said that the pump would have to come completely apart and would require replacement gaskets and ect. They said they would have to make some calls to see about getting these gaskets shipped. So I left the pump at their shop and I am waiting to hear back from them.
I also noticed that the water level on the drop pipe (in the well) dropped to zero. After I pulled the pump off.
I pulled the the drop pipe and packer out and noticed that the leathers on the packer jet were worn and leaking. But the pressure of the pump must have blown them out completely.
I just didn't notice when priming the pump because the leak was so slow.
Now after thinking about it for a while, I am wondering if the squeaking and the vibration was happening because the leathers were failing?
I simply didn't put 2 and 2 together.
I just assumed a squeak meant a bearing.
It is difficult to know because the pump hasn't run since Oct of 2017.
Any thoughts?