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Thread: Deep well pump help

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    Deep well pump help

    I need to install a pump on my artesian well. I have no idea how deep the well is but it flows appx. 1/2 gallon a minute by itself. The house is on city water and the well will just be used for irrigation. My yard is just under an acre and the longest run from well to faucet will be about 100'. What type and size of pump do you recommend and do I need a tank for this application? Does the pump have to be placed near the well or will it work from a location say 50 feet from where the well goes down?

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    First we need to know the wells flow capacity. You can rent a gasoline centrifugal (mud pump) from a Rental company and test pump the well. Use a 5 gallon or larger bucket to time how water the well will steadily produce.

    Next measure the inside diameter of the well and if you like, drop a fishing line with a heavy sinker on it to measure the depth.


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