I am having a problem with my well pump and water softener working together.
Back in January, my submersible well pump (75') was replaced. Since then, when my water softener regenerates, it will trip my well pump breaker. I was watching it tonight on a manual recharge. It tripped on the rinse cycle. I watched as the pressure gauge dropped to 40psi, then kicked in the pump. But the breaker tripped right before it got to 60psi. I reset the breaker a few times while it completed the cycle. The breaker felt warm, but not hot. It is (2) 20 amp breakers. The water softeners are plugged into a 110 receptacle with GFI on its' own breaker.
The breaker seems to only trip when the softener regenerates. Otherwise, everything is fine as we use water throughout the day.
I have a two tank water softening system. We are a small family of 3 and sometimes Grandma.
Can anyone help me figure out the problem and how to go about solving it.