Ok so trying to make sense of whatís going on. Recently started renting a house with an older shallow driven well. At first it had a 1/4 hp pump (too old to identify), there was very low water pressure so landlord put in a 1/2 hp pump thinking the 1/4 hp was going out. Once we tried to prime the 1/2 hp pump it would draw up water to the pump but not past. (Was a 1/2 hp pump given to the landlord not knowing itís condidtions.) well after that he bought a little giant 3/4 hp pump and now there is nothing. Neither of us are very experienced in plumbing btw. When we hooked up both the 1/2 and 3/4 we did not use a check valve, and we used 3/4 in. Pipe on the suction side not realizing the manual called for 1 1/4. Could it be a combo of not having the check valve and too small of piping on the suction side? Thanks in advance!