Hi, I am having a big problem and hope someone can help. Yesterday my husband found that the tank on the toilet was not filling,so he took off the hose that sends in the water and found this stuff all stuck in it that kind of looks like ground up rope and plastic. We then found it was stuck in all my sink screens and my washing machine! After we replaced the pump in the toilet tank and cleaned out all the screens,we tryed to just keep the water running thinking it would flush out whatever the stuff was. No luck. Now my shower has only drips coming out,and all the other sinks are still getting that stuff coming up. I dont know if it matters but the breaker tripped like 3 times last night when we tried to fix the shower. If anyone has a clue what the stuff may be or what is going on please tell me what to do. Could it be the pump is bad? or do you think the well is going dry?

Thanks, Gee