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Thread: Some Cold Weather Well Issues

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    Some Cold Weather Well Issues

    So I'm in upstate NY and it's been coldddd lately (was 20 below yesterday morning) and I've started experiencing some well issues.

    Woke up to no water in the house, went into the crawlspace to check for leaks thinking it might be a frozen pipe (crawl space is "warm" enough to prevent freezing but figured I'd look anyway). Pipes seemed fine, went to check the jet pump that's in the crawlspace and it was running but the pressure gauge between the pump and the tank showed 0. So I shut off the breaker for the pump and did some research, not finding much I waited til it warmed up a bit outside and turned the pump back on. The water sputtered from the faucets with a lot of air bubbles but it eventually ran relatively smoothly (still the occasional ca-chunk of air). Also the initial burst of water had a dirty tint to it like it had a bunch of sand in it (and a glass of water had some sand in the bottom of it about an hour later).

    I understand the line to the pump is supposed to be below the frost line and shouldn't freeze, but the house is a flip (one where the contractors seem to cut corners when possible) so I'm thinking it's at or barely below the frost line and this cold snap pushed the line down a bit further than normal. I figure the sand in the water glass is from the initial blockage and it should go away with time. Not 100% sure on the pressure still being weird with the random ca-chunks.

    MY question is, is anything posted here worthy of calling in a pro? Or is it something I can wait out til it warms up a bit. These issues have happened the past 2 mornings and we have another round of cold on the way.

    If it is a wait it out, I'm thinking some heat tape on the pipe the leads into the pump and hope the heat travels far enough to keep it from blocking up again?
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