These are pretty cool devices, not necessary for everyone, only those of us that forget how to prime a pump and have no idea if the water is flowing or not.


These are currently $80.00 on Ebay, sold by Zoro, so that must be their normal selling price, free shipping.
There is someone else selling for $79.19 but if you buy 2 and offer em $60.00 each they will take it.

I will show you later in another post how I used them in a 2 pump setup to confirm that both pumps are running in parallel, which is what I needed to insure that I had water for my animals, and for additional pressure when the automatic fill valve for the duck pond comes on once a day. Also in another future post I will show how to hook them up to alternate so you are using just one pump for each cycle, and both pumps when the pressure drops below a set value. These have windows on both sides, and one they shipped me was Stainless Steel, bigg $$$ savings. These are the one's Zoro is selling, $80.00 isn't cheap unless it saves you from burning up a pump.

Stay tuned.