I have a confusion with replacing our old jet pump and would really need clarification today if possible. We chose to go with the HCM100 Convertible and my thoughts are causing panic with the understanding/misunderstanding of attaching source line to dual outlet manifold. I now understand on a deep well application from this reference on another site..." In a deep well jet pump setup, the nozzle & venturi are put into an ejector package or “jet kit” that gets placed down in the well. In this type of setup there are two pipes connecting the pump to the ejector package. One pipe pulls the water up (suction) while the other pipe pushes some water down (drive) to circulate water through the nozzle and venturi. Water moving through that nozzle & venturi makes a pressure differential that helps bring the water up to the pump".

Now my question is...Can I make this pump work without the "jet kit" by simply manifolding a Tee off the two inlets?

Look forward to a answer ASAP, can't afford this ugly confusion today, lol