Hi - New here, first post so tried to give as much info as possible (if it makes any sense )

I have a well that's around 3 feet/1M in diameter and about 24 feet/8M deep, water level changes between 9-18 feet/3-6M deep depending on rain fall.
The well is about 60 feet/20M away from my pump house and the house is around 150feet/50M from the pump house.
Water only used for Toilet/Washing machine and garden use and has a 100L reservoir tank - non bladder type (In pump hose)

I've tried using a Jet pump in the pump house for a while but I kept getting air in the system so finally the pump ran dry and the disk broke (plastic).

I decided to get a submersible pump (all brass construction) - (1KW-10 Bar max) with 1" diameter outlet, will have 2 none return valves (All brass construction) and a run time limiting relay.

I have a 10M stainless wire which I can hook onto a steel bar at the top of the well but I'm wondering what will happen when the pump switches on/off - will the pump twist about and hit the side of the well walls (Rock)

I was thinking of putting some 4" plastic drain pipe in the well then putting the pump in the pipe to protect it. The plastic pipe would also have slots/holes cut in to let the water in or I also thought that I could put elbows/Tee joints 2-3 feet up to let the water in and use some sort of supports to hold the pump off the bottom of the well (stop pump moving on rock)

Good or bad idea ?, thoughts please

(In France)