What's the proper size foot valve for a Sta Rite 8AP jet? I purchased a new 8AP jet assembly recently and the pump company installed a 1-1/4" foot valve on the jet. The end of the jet where the foot valve installs has 1" female pipe threads and 1-1/4" male pipe threads. All old foot valves removed from this well have been 1". The 1-1/4" foot valve measures 1.935" O.D. at the threaded area which should fit inside of a 2.067" I.D. 2" Sch. 40 pvc pipe.

The 8AP jet I purchased has a white plastic venturi with the correct number (J32P-18) for this jet. All previous jet assemblies that have been replaced on this well have had black plastic venturi's. Has Sta Rite changed the color of their jet venturi's or did I get an off-brand jet assembly?

Should thread tape be used to assemble all threaded connections on the jet assembly and the connecting pipe. All previous assmeblies that have been replaced on this well have had no tape at the threaded joints.

Thanks for your help.