Hello everyone on Pumps and Tanks, I am here to advertise the company EMKA Fresh LLC. We are direct distributors for the companies Goulds, Hydranautics, Watts, and are reaching out to other companies as well.

We offer any item on the catalogs for these companies at a relatively cheap price! So if you are seeking any of their products please contact me at AlasDrake@gmail.com, message me on the forums, or reach out to us at http://www.EmkaFresh.com. We are currently working on the website but include many of the most needed products from these companies.
If you do not know what exact product you need, we can communicate and help you figure out what would best be suited for you.

We ship directly to your home, or place of business if we have the item you need in stock, and if you require something we don't currently have we can contact the company and have them ship it directly to you.

Thank you for your time,