Hello, great forum, very informative.

Presently, I have a HP submersible in a well that is 210 feet deep. The well is rated at 1 GPM. The submersible is connected to a small bladder tank and a pressure switch. A Pumptec protects the pump when the well runs dry (which can occur after about 30 minutes of continual water use).

I just installed a 2500 gallon storage tank in a heated space in a barn. I hope to connect this to the existing submersible pump. Then install a second pump to move water from the storage tank to a house that will be 450-700 feet away and 60-90 feet above the storage tank. I plan to run 2 inch PVC pipe from the storage tank to the house. The combined peak demand at the house and existing barn will be about 15 GPM. The house will be for 2 people, with 2 baths. However, I would like a minimum of 25 GPM at 40 PSI in order to have some fire suppression capacity (the primary water sources for fires will be ponds and a mobile storage tank with a pump). Additionally, the house will have water treatment/softener equipment.

Given the above, can you recommend a booster pump or submersible pump to pump from the storage tank to the future house?

In the short term, can the pump you recommend be connected to the small bladder tank in the barn until the house is built? The tank is served by 1 inch PVC pipe. Once the house is on line, can I eliminate the bladder tank in the barn and have the pressure tank at the house service both the house and the barn (using the single 2 inch water line)?

Do you carry the float control for the 2500 gallon storage tank that controls the submersible in the well? Can this be connected in series with the Pumptec?

Thanks for your help.