Hi. My water well (345 ft deep) recently went dry and now I am looking at having to drill a new well. Not sure when that can happen given places are quoting $15-18K and timing out a few weeks. So far I am getting by fine with water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. I would like to get an improvement for toilets and washing clothes however.

I have a spare pool pump (Pentair 1.5 HP, 230V ) and was wondering if I could hook it up to a 50-100 gallon water tank, and then electrically hook the pump up to my well pump's control box so that it would turn on and off. I am hoping the pump can then pressurize my pressure tank and that would allow for water to flow again in my home's plumbing. Short term I could fill the water tank and longer term (if needed) I could use rain water.

Am I way off target?