Hello everyone,

I am hoping I can get some help with my well system at my family cottage up here in Ontario, Canada.

The cottage is on an island and we pump water up from the lake.

We moved from a jet pump system nearly 10 years ago to instead using a 4"submersible well pump that we drop in the lake every spring and take out every fall.

It has worked like a charm for years. Throw the pump in the lake, turn on the power, water comes out of the taps.

Last year, we had some substantial renovations done to the cottage and capped off most of the taps until new ones were installed. The only thing left connected was the toilet. At some point, the water stopped working altogether. I put it off until this year because work was still being done at the cottage and the toilet could be flushed by manually bringing water up from the lake by hand.

This year, I have tried to get it working again. I have already replaced the switch and just bought and installed a new pump this week - neither have solved the problem. When I feather the switch, nothing happens. Here is my setup:

I am wondering what I should try next. What would cause absolutely no water to be pumped up? Could the pipe be clogged? It is buried so this could potentially be it, and I am not sure how burried it is - is there an easy way to check for a blocked line? Because we put it in and out of the lake, I have acces s to both ends of the pipe and the well pump itself very easily.

I was also thinking maybe it was the tank, but I am unsure what I need to check in order to asses whether it is the problem.

I am a Banker by trade but pretty handy (I consider my family's cottage more of a work camp than a recreational property...it has taught me a lot over the years!), so I am willing to tackle anything that might solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!