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Thread: Air Volume Control "AC100 American Granby" Question/Help

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    Air Volume Control "AC100 American Granby" Question/Help

    First I know nothing about these We have one of these on our well pump at the cottage. Hopefully you may have seen one before. American Granby AC100 Air Volume Control. We lost prime on the pump. We have needed to prime it on each visit this year. This is the first year it hasn't kept it's prime for the whole summer season. I doubt that's related to this but who knows. When the pump is working it seems to work fine with good pressure and no short cycling. The doodad in the picture is said to be an air volume control. At the top it screws onto a pipe on the water tank. The setup is a small pump setting on top of a tank in a pit. At the bottom of the AVC is a fitting and hose that goes from the AVC on the tank to the pump housing. Currently the ball in the AVC is at the top (sitting on top of water that's filled the AVC) and a small amount of water is coming out of the valve end at the top. I assume it's broken and not working or working and bleeding water? Anyone able to give me any advice on this? First time I've noticed water coming out of it. Not sure if it's doing what it's suppose to be doing or leaking. Maybe this picture will help. I waited a few hours to see if it would stabilize but it's currently still dripping. Thanks for any advice John

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