Hey Guys Great site and Thanks a ton for helping DIY People resolve issues. Likein the guys who know this stuff and help others.
So I have a well pump that has started turning off by itself when I have left the pump switch on. In the summer I run about 5000 gallons a week through the pump to my tank. Yes that's a lot I'm not sure what HP my pump is but I get 7 gal a minute from my pump. It may be getting hot because I run it a lot but it also maybe getting worn out. it was here when I bought my house. I thought I had a switch problem because I found some loose wires on the switch so I changed my pump switch to a 30amp switch. The pump turns on and Runs for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hrs and then shuts itself off. I don't think I have a short anywhere I checked that out. But having an electrical issue would be the best case scenario. A well pump guy told me a new pump would costs me $4000 OUCH. Don't seem like it would be that hard to take the bolts off the top of the well casing and pull up the pump 800 ft and change the pump. LOL I'm half being funny and half serious. I would do it in a heart beat myself. But in my world, life would not be that simple. Without knowing how pumps act when they are dying I lean towards an electrical issues which means running tests on chasing wiring. Problem has been going on for 2 weeks.
Thanks for your feedback on that issue.

The next is that I wanted to put an automatic float switch into my tank so it turns off and on automatically. I installed one of those tethered switch floats that turns on and off when it goes up and down. I have my 2 wires from the float ran into the house in the attic where my franklin wiring well pump box is. I just wanted to know how to incorporate that into my regular switch that turns the well pump on and off now. That wiring from the franklin box to the switch are located downs stairs right under the breaker box for the house. It seems like they may conflict if not wired correctly. I have a picture of my well box to send. I was looking at some other posts on this and they had some other things that was recommended to go with this type of float but I'm not sure what I need.
Seems like a person would want both the automatic float to work and still be able to shut it off manually with a switch. I have a sparky lined up to come out I just want to know how you guys think it works best and if I need more parts. YOU guys Rock Thanks Roger