the one pump is wired at 240 the other at 120 Is it possible to do this with a relay system rather than hard wiring?

Here is the situation:
I have two pumps suppling my house system. The original pump is aprox. 25ft deep with a 1/3 hp submersible connected to an older style tank with no bladder. Second system is a 1/2 summersible installed in a 50ft 3ft dia well at the top of a hill 200ft behind house. There is aprox. 80ft drop to the tank bladder type) from top of well (30 from bottom of well to tank. Both wells have very slow recovery.
Both systems are hooked up to same water lines in house. Old tank is aprox. 40ft away from from bladder type, and both have pressure switches set at aprox, the same range: 30-50 set close to ea tank. The Is this the proper way to have it hooked up, and am I correct in assuming that the water pressure is the same thru all the lines in the system at the same time- the pressure goes up when either pump kicks on?
Is this the correct way to install? or is there a better way?

The main problem that I have is that when the pump on the hill kicks on water surges down to the tank causing the pressure to rise momentarily forcing the shutoff pressure point at the switch to engage, and in effect shutting the power off to the pump. Pressure then drops back down to aprox. 35psi, and of course will not allow pump to kick in again until below cut in setting (28psi to be exact)
Any suggestions to improve existing system? Do I need both pressure switches?