Greetings, speedbump, and others.

We had too many projects ongoing, to get to the well, prior to the rains starting here. So, it looks like we will be having our well drilled in December 2017, or January 2018. The original guy we spoke with, kept changing prices on me. So, we bid him farewell and decided to find someone else do deal with.

We located another local well driller, who has agreed to drill a 15cm / 5.9" hole and install a 12cm / 4.72" casing, for $1,300 USD, if we provide the submersible pump. We began looking at pumps, and found quite a variety. Most seem to be wired with 30 meters of cable attached, between the pump and a controller. The horsepower ratings have varied from 1hp to 3hp, depending on the motor. I believe the pipe threads on the 1hp units is 1" or 1 1/4" pipe. The threads on the 3hp unit seems to be 2".

Fortunately, it seems as though speedbump has created a blog entry, offering the same questions that I have, regarding our planned bore. So, here goes.

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For me to find the right pump to put in any well, I must have five (5) pieces of info.

  1. The casing (or well) diameter. Most wells today are 4 or larger.
  2. The static water level (distance to water from top of well).
  3. The pumping rate of the well. How many gallons per minute will the well produce?
  4. The total depth of the well, from top to bottom.
  5. What is the intended use of the water. Are you using it for an average home, or home and a sprinkler system? Is the well just for irrigation, farming etc? If you do have a sprinkler system or the well is for irrigation, I will need to know how many gallons per minute is needed and at what pressure. The number of sprinklers or heads will not tell me how much water you need. Telling me how many acres your yard is or how big it is, does not help at all in sizing the pump.
1. Bore hole will be 15cm / 5.9". Casing will be 12cm / 4.72".
2. This is still unknown. I figure it isn't very deep, due to the pitcher type pumps on some local bores in the area. So, maybe 20' - 25'?
3. How is the pumping rate of the well calculated, exactly?
4. Estimating it to be 30 meters / 98.42', to 50 meters / 164' deep.
5. Water needs for 4 people, 3 Cambodians and one westerner - me. (Cambodians use very little water than westerners do, by comparison.) Additionally, the water will be supporting some farm animals, a few cows, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and dogs. Initially, we will install an 8,000 liters / 2113 gallons poly water tank. This would only be until the end of rainy season, as it will be kept filled by the rains until we can get the well drilling rig in place. This would be sometime in next December, or January.

Honestly, after seeing that 2" pipe thread on the top of the 3 horsepower pump motor, I would be happy to buy one of those, rather than a 1hp unit, as long as it will not overdraft the water. We could probably use that one to supply a fire hose, as well. I just need to sort out how much water the pump motor will continuously deliver first, if I am correct here?