This question was moved here by Speedbump from an email. I can't remember the name of these things, since I have never used them. I know there is a brand name but am having a brain fart.


quote:I run two water-source heat pumps on one 1-1/2 hp high output well pump. I
presently have a brass "flow limiter" on each unit to limit the water flow
through each to 10 and 12 gallons respectively. I need to replace one of
the flow limiters but can't locate them in a Google search or in on-line
catalogs such as yours. Do they go by a different name? Each is brass,
containing a small plastic float that is held by water-flow against a
notched nylon internal ring whose notches limit the flow of water (the
larger flow model has three chambers to accomplish the same thing).
Critical limiting (in GPM) is not necessary - it just needs to be in the
ballpark, and these do the job. Do you carry such, or can you give me the
correct name of the product so that I can find them? Thanks!

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