We bought a pump and pressure tank from you a while back. I could not find my old Order, but I think it is a HP Myers Pump and PC66 tank. We FINALLY go the house done and started using it. While you will not remember, we have a situation where the well is about 1 mile from the house with a 1 1/2 inch line. There is a submersible pump in the well and a small pressure tank. It would deliver about 12-15 GPM through the 1 line into the house with no real pressure. We put the 3/4 HP Jet Pump in the house hooked to a PC66 pressure tank.

The issue I have is that we are in the middle of a draught and the pump in the well has the ability at time to run the well dry and if they are watering cattle for example, the pump at the well will shut down. Yet, at the house we do not know it because there is around 450 gallons of water in the line and the jet pump will suck water out of the line for a long time until eventually it is just running with no water coming out. I need to add something to the system so that when this happens, the pump does not get damaged. It is plumbed with 1 copper line from the pump to the distribution manifold. I do not know what to put in. Will the temperature sensor thing work well enough? Any thoughts?