I just joined this forum and I am thrilled to have found it!

Here is my situation:

I want to install an outdoor shower and a small sink on the upper deck of my hunting cabin. The cabin sits on a slanted lot and the shower would be on the top side. Under the house is a water cistern. I am looking for the best pump to pump water from the cistern up to the upper deck (about 4-5 feet vertical Id say). There it will run through a tank-less (sorry...) outdoor water heater that can heat 10L per minute, into the outdoor shower, using garden and hot water hoses. So I need a pump that can comfortably pump 10L (2.64 gal) per minute, and provide decent water pressure above (I also need to connect a power washer once in a while). Additionally, the water intake nozzle in the cistern should float because the cistern often has some debris on its bottom (it is a rainwater cistern).

I would love some advise what kind of pump I should buy - a pond or floating pool pump, or a regular pump?

Thank you!