• I had a pump motor go out, windings burned. The only issue right before the pump went out was the motor kicking on and off because of a leak in (sorry don't know what it is called) the plastic fitting with little floating ball connected to the tank. Called the local well man, he confirmed motor was bad after trying a starter Cap. and a few other electonic compoments and told me the problem was cause because of the moter surging on and off.
    He installed a new pump but said he couldn't get it to work, he thought the jet inside the well needed to be pulled. That's when the nightmare started. He tried using a jack to pull the jet out and the PVC pipe going to the jet broke where it connects to the jet.. His plan now is to try to knock the old jet out of the way. He poured "Rust Out " down the pipe and plans on letting sit over night and come back tomorrow and try to knock the old jet out of the way.

    First I have no idea why he tried to pull the jet in the first place. I wasn't having any problems with it. I was told today that it should be pulled at least every 10 years. It has to have been at 30 years because that is how long I have been in this house. I have never had a problem with bad water or sand in the water and when he first removed the old pump, he said things were looking good because he said he didn't think he would even have to prime the well.

    So my question is, how likey is the problem going to solved by trying to knock the old jet out of the way. Is there a better way to get the jet loose other than using "Rust Out". The casing is 2" plastic. Shouldn't he have tried to use the Rust Out first, before trying to force it loose with a jack?

    Any ideas, comments would be very helpful. I don't want to have to pay for a new well to be dug.
    Thanks in advance.