I just put in a 2 inch well. Well is 48 ft. deep inc. the screen and a 2 ft. tail piece with a Bremer check on top of the tail pipe.
Have 40 ft. of 1 inch drop pipe.
If not using the well for two days the pump will loose its prime. The water is going down the drop pipe.
HERE is what I would like to know--put this system myself--at the bottom of the tail pipe is a piece with a plastic venturi going up inside the 1 in. drop pipe and there are two leathers just above the foot valve with a conical screen below. WHERE is the water going????
Does the foot valve have to be leaking and also the Bremer check or can it be leaking above the leathers and then down to the Bremer check.
I just don't understand the concept here. Any help would be very much appreciated.
michigan len