I wanted to thank Bob and every one else who helped me get my cistern set up and running! We've had water for a couple of weeks,(had it delivered), and so far everything is working well. We are SLOWLY returning to a more normal existance. We have even had SOME rain lately, and the medium range forecast is for an el nino (wetter than normal) influence. My well however,hasn't returned to normal yet and hence I haven't been using it much, but we are still REALLY conserving water. We are not using the cistern water for drinking.
I have another question............I turned the well pump on today, and throttled the inlet ball valve so that it was just trickling water into the cistern. Is this likely to be harmful to the well pump(running the water at a trickle)? I do have a pumptec on the well, and it is set now for 90 minutes before it starts the pump again.
WOuld y'all suggest doing it another way? I'm still thinking about a timer at the well but was going to wait and see how things are going first.
I really appreciate everyones help