Hello All:

Myers Rustler RM-3N102-20 3-wire, 1-HP, Pump

Had a problem with the pumps check valve leaking back, being lazy as I am I didn't pull the pump and just installed a check valve on the discharge line. Worked great for about 6-8 months, now I am seeing a reduction in the flow rate. Question is -- How common is it for the check valve on the pump to be partially open, causing reduced flow ??

I proved the check valve was leaking through by installing another check valve in line. I guess I should pull the pump. eh ?

I was in the local Lowes store and they have a Myers R-302A 1-HP, 3-wire, 10 G.P.M. pump and was thinking about replacing my original pump with one of these. My next question is can I reuse my Myers CJ-10-2, 1-HP control box with a new 1-HP pump ??

Thank You for your time.