I have a deep well with GOOD water, but the water level fluctuates. I have been manually monitoring the problem in order to prevent pump damage. I am getting ready to hook up an above ground storage tank and pump system. The well pump will keep the storage tank full. However, with this system I will not be able to tell when the pump flow drops (unless I camp out in the pump house).

I am looking for a pump contoller that monitors flow of amps, and would shut the well down for a time. The contoller would need a "time-out" setting. The well recovers fairly quickly (about an hour). So I would need this "time-out" system in order to allow the pump to come back online after a set period of time. I have seen the flow switches on Pumps and Tanks website, however, I am not sure if they are right for this application.

Thanks for your time.