Hi guys,
I need some feedback on shallow well design. I run a farm which has constant need of water 12-15gpm @45-60 psi (during the day I run a fog system in the greenhouse and then at night we run an RO system to fill irrigation tanks). I have a 1hp Goulds JRS10 pump with 4 well points...each about 50-60 feet deep. The first didn't give us much water, so we added a second. It gave us a little more, but we still needed more. The fourth almost puts out as much as the first three. This has worked well until the past few weeks. We have been short on rain and with the insane heat my fog system has been running non stop during the day. The well is keeping up, but barely. By the end of the day, I can just barely maintain enough pressure to run my RO system. So the questions...

1) Is it possible that I could get more water by capping the weakest of the 4 points? I assume the points that give less water reduce the amount the pump can pull by increasing head and making it work harder.

2) My next step will to add a 5th point. How do you calculate a limit on points? Does each new point add that much head or is there a calculation?

3) Would it make sense to put a 3 way diverter valve on top of each well point? I keep thinking that I could play with turning each on/off to check the output. I could also test the water quality of each point. For some reason, I have very low PH...4.5. My original well heads 25 feet away did not have a low ph, but had a ton of silt. It would be great to know if the low ph is caused by one point or multiple. I currently have tees on the top connecting each point to the next.

Thanks for any feedback!