I am a homeowner on a ranch above santa barbara Ca.We are off the grid.
drilled a new well 8 yrs go and got a new pump , 4 inch pvc pipe, worked fine. sulfur and minerals in water but reverse o2 made water fine. 12 gal /minute.....all was good for 8 yrs...

recent water test had water 250 ft above pump..so plenty of water.

3weels ago pump slowed to 2.5 gal /minute. . Local well company pulled pump and said oil residue gummed up pump. put new pump in with steel vs earlier plastic propellors. pump worked great at 12 gal /min and I though another 8 yrs...... . Last week pump slowed due to gumming up residue and went back to 2.5 gal/min...we had old pump tested and its not oil that gummed it up......not sure what it is but not oil.

my wife takes long showers and i am wondering what to do..not a well expert...and not sure about local company competence