Hi, I recently moved into a house on top a hill. They tell me it has a 260 ft drilled well. It has about a 4 to 6 inch jacket and I took the cap off and looked in about 5 feet down is an elbo from the ground going down. the electric wires come in up at the cap.

ANywway I* lost water pressure, and over a month droped to where the water doesnt come at all. As soon as we started loosing pressure we started turning the pump off with the cricuit breaker only to be on an hour or 2 a day to take shower/do dishes.

I cant afford the 2000 they want to pull it and fix it. The pump is only 400-600. ITs a 1 hp pump. I know how to do most htings and this doesnt seem to hard to me. Its black Poly pipe, 260 ft, I have pipe clamps *wooden* a tripod, etc.

My Only REAL question is *to me the most important.. * How do I pull it? its 5 feet down in a 6inch or so jacket. The elbo must have a quick discconect or a union? I can get a rope down and around the pipe, so I am not to worried about how to keep it from falling in. I jsut done know how to disconnect the pipe from the elbo. Is there a union or a quick disconnect in these? Could you give me a diagram on how to un hook the pipe so I can pull it or a detailed discription? The pump guys said it takes a special tool to un hook a quick disconnect and I have to pay them to do it> I cant afford it. Please help.


Waterless in washington