Sears Deep well Jet pump 3/4hp. Been running this system for about 20 years now, replaced the pump about three years ago. Lately the pump has been kickin on and off about 10 minutes apart for about 30 seconds. The pressure gage on the pump will slowly drop while the gauge on the tanks remains steady (a check valve is installed between
the pump and the bladder tank). I replaced the check valve about two
weeks ago thinking that this was the problem with the pressure drop.
Its a slow bleed off, takes about 10 minutes to drop back to 40psi, then the pump kicks on for about 30 seconds, enough to build back up to the 60psi kickoff point. The cap of the well is 6 feet below grade. Would the foot valve release pressure slowly? Last time it did this is was instant pressure drop (about 15 years ago).
Open to suggestions.