Hi all, first time poster [8D]

Firstly let me say I'm new to all this, and so any questions I have might admittedly be quite basic, but I've been thinking about preparation for the possibility of a long-term power outage of late, and an alternative means of getting water came to mind.

Therefore, I'm looking into whether a hand pump could be installed onto my existing well in the event of an outage, and how much time/money it would take to do so. I've got some pictures here that give an idea of what my set up looks like. it's in a pump house in my back yard (the powder stuff is sawdust. Some carpenter bees call the pump house home):

Now I realize whether or not a hand pump is practical depends on the depth of the well. I'm not sure how deep this one is, as it was install back in the 80s by the previous owners, and the paperwork is long gone.

The most obvious solution would be to get a pro out here to figure all this stuff out for me, but I'm really tight on funds and so I'll have to make do with DIY.

Any more information you need please ask. Thanks!