Pump went out today and need to buy a new one. The only problem is I know nothing about pumps. 3- wire 2-wire 1hp or 1 1/2hp. I pulled the pump and I have about 35' of water over the old pump. In the last two weeks I notice my water presure was low. When pulling the pump we found out that the pump was bad. I had someone 7 years ago replace the pump. He installed a pump and it only lasted 1- year. He said it was full of sand and that he forgot to install a screen on it. I asked him if it would be a good ideal to raise the pump up but he said it wasn't needed. I am afriad that he did raise it and maybe a 20 foor lenght of pipe or more. Today I am going to measure just how much water and how deep the well is. We also had alot of wiring that had rubbed against the well walls and was bad. Twenty years ago I had the well pulled and the man installed pipe spacer so this last guy took them off for some reason. My pump was at 360' with about 35' of water over it. I thought my well was 425 feet deep but I might be wrong. There are some problems with wells in the area and would really like some help from someone. Do you think I should have the well dug deeper? How much water should be above the pump.
6" well casing
Thanks Rick