i have an old cylinder "windmill" type pump; the pump head is very large above grade operating a shaft up & down w/ leathers ect.
anyhow the drop pipe is 1 1/4" fed down a 3" casing. i was told it's about 60' deep. appearently the bottom leathers are going as it only produces about 34psi at best now. my question is how do i go about pulling the drop pipe & push rod so i can install a submersible.
it's all in a large easy to work in pit 6' cubed. i've replaced the upper leathers when they've leaked in the past, but couldn't begin to pull the pump shaft up to get to the bottom ones which leads me to think the drop pipe has to come up with it.

any advice/materials/costs would be great as i am a carpenter but not a well guy. we have front end loaders/backhoes & just about every other home building tool known so i'm hoping to solve this myself if at all possible(& get better gpm in the 2 1/2 bath home to boot)