I know...poor subject line. I'm in Texas Hill country with a 680' well. Friday evening on Labor Day weekend and zip...nada water. Watering some potted plants and 5 minutes later...nothing! We are in severe drought conditions in this area and I know that some area wells are going dry. Mine seemed to be working just fine. Our well is about 80-100 ft deeper than most of my neighbors so I thought I might be in a little better shape than others. I have a Sears 1 1/2 hp submersible pump model 39028141, date code 1A80D. I think it is the original from 1980. If so I can't complain about quality. I have 246volts to control box. Pressed overload restart and get two quick clicks and nothing. It does make a short humming as if the starting capacitor is trying to work. My ohmmeter doesnt allow me to set to Rx1 and Rx1000 to do accurate test. I do have continuity on all three wires and it does vary between the wires. Need some advice from the pros.

Getting thirsty!