I'm trying to figure out whether or not the extra expense of a PV direct DC pump would be worth it in the long run. Below is what I'm dealing with, my needs, etc:

-this water would be for irrigation only (fruit trees, garden, shade trees)
-I have a creek in which to pump from
-I need around 5 GPM 6 hours per day for 6 months/yr
-the pump will have to push the water 65 vertical feet
-pumping location to nearest grid power = 400'
-a suitable (for my needs) high quality piston pump (20 yr life expectancy), solar panels, etc = $3100
-current electricity rates in my area are amongst the cheapest in the country

I know the solar set-up is a lot of money but I'm wondering if it might be a better long term investment (due to energy savings), particularly considering that the price of electricity is sure to increase in the coming years. Plus, I must admit, the idea of not being totally dependant of grid power is very appealing to me.

Thoughts, suggestions?