I ran out of water in the house I recently bought. I thought it might be the pump, so I replaced the 3/4hp Wayne pump with a spare 1/2hp Simer I had. I was able to get it primed finally, but the pump still seemed to struggle so I called the well guy out. He pulled and replaced the point (the house had been mostly unused for 3 years, so the point was somewhat clogged). He tested the output and told me I'm getting 5.5gpm. The well is 25' with a 4" casing, water level is at 6'. I have a good size tank, abut 30gal. The 1/2hp pump has a 20psi on, 40psi off switch, so I reset the tank pressure to 18lb. The pump usually runs for about 3 minutes, which is fine. But the 3/4hp pump had a 30/50 switch, and more pressure would be nice. However, I am worried the bigger pump may outrun the well and lose it's prime, which is what I think happened in the first place. With the new point, am I ok putting the 3/4 hp pump back in, or should I stay with the smaller pump so I never outrun the well? Thanks in advance for any tips!