I have a cottage that I want to live in for awhile, but there is never enough water for permanent residence. I curretly have an artesian well, but the water is very salty and unfit to use. So the submersible pump is being used in a shallow well next to the cottage, but the well can never keep its water and goes dry in a matter of days.

I want to put a shallow well in a different location where there is constantly water, so I'm trying to find out what pump is appropriate.

The new well is only about 6' deep and 2.5' in diameter, but is always full of water. It is located about 300' from the cottage and has a height difference of about 25'. It crosses a road, so I'm trying to keep my pump on the cottage side, which only allows me to put the pump about 50' closer.

Currently, another cabin uses my well on rare occations, and if it's possible, it would be nice to supply that one as well. But it is about another 100' away and about 10' up.

Is there a jet pump set-up I can get to do this while giving me plenty of pressure, and what price range will I be looking at?