We recently had a well drilled and need to purchase a pump. I’ll try to answer your five questions in hope that you can tell me what the best and most economical solution would be. First I’ll give you a little background of our current and future application is or will be.

Current – we just need water for a small apartment and shop. It would consist of 1 bathroom and kitchen with a few hose bibs. I already have a pressure tank (~ 40 gal) and switch.

Future – we would like to use this pump to run the above as well as our average size home and sprinklers for at least 1 acre of grass. We would like to eventually have an above ground holding tank of 1500 gallons or so in order to keep up with all the demand and not have to run the pump as often. I realize I would have to probably buy another pressure tank and I do have a ¾ jet pump that I may be able to use to feed the shop and house and maybe a separate one for the sprinklers (I estimate we shouldn’t use more than 12 gmp)?

Well stats-
• Inside line is 4 ½ “ in diameter
• The static water level is 270’
• The pumping rate is 12 gpm
• The total depth is 495’
• Application description above.