I believe it's time to replace my pump. It is a Jacuzzi submersible 11/2hp 25gal/min set at 119'. 119gal blatter tank. Well is 130'. It is used for both the house and landscape and we do irrigate a lot. I design most my irrigtion zones to run ~18gal/min and oversize the piping for less restrictions. Also I pump uphill another 10 to 20 feet. The well should be good for ~ 25 gal/min easly. static is 27 with a drawdown to ~47 when I checked last week. Pressure has fallen off at the up hill zone quite a bit and so that zone was not working well, even when I removed 4gal/min still not enough pressure to work properly. When running 7gal/min once in a while with a few heads the pressure at the tank would drop to 20 with the pump runnning. Shut it off for 15 seconds and back on and pressure would run up to 45. Pulled the pump and removed the screen and raised it 20'to 100'. Seemed to run good for a week but now the pressure is 30-35 while irrigating. Reset the cut off to 48/70. Have not adjusted the tank so it should still be at 38(per factory setting). I used to control this with a Masdam(flow sensor) so the pump would stay on all the time when in use. When it died i went to the normal tank and pressure switch. Should I stick with the 1.5HP 25gal/min pump or jump up to the 2hp 25gal/min pump? If I do go to the larger pump do I have change the controller? This pump is about 6 years old.