Today, I got an email from my website. This system was installed in 1972. The emailer has a problem with a leaky backpressure control. He had a Plumber come out who put pipe dope on the adjustment bolt. That was a great fix. Duh? Of course it is still leaking.

He said the pressure was less than it had been in the past. I explained that this could be because of a plugged well screen.

This pump system is in Oxford, Michigan. An area I used to service before moving to Florida 25 years ago. He sent pictures of the pump and it's plumbing. If someone up there didn't copy my two inch concertric piping installs to the letter, I installed this system in 1972. Now that is a blast from the past. And the darned thing is still working. This sure takes a toll on repeat business.

The pump is a Rapidayton which later became Tait which was bought out by Berkley, who was bought out by Sta-Rite who was swallowed up by Pentair. So needless to say, Rapidayton/Tait pumps are now no longer in existance.


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