I have but a few questions....I have a creek on property that flows quite good all year long,I would like to use it for watering the lawn and getting water to horses trough.. there are a few spots that have deep eddys for me to drop a pipe and check valve into..my first question is this? I have a 1/2hp Goulds Jet J05N pump(shallow well)how well will this work? Do I need a tank, it would only be used when required to water the lawn or fill the trough. The sprinkler would be one of those roundy round oscilating types. I was thinking of running the line from the pump to a yard hydrant and from there either filling the troughs or watering the lawn. Depending on how far my intake is deep in the creek how far can my pump be from the creek assuming the lye of the land is less than 25 feet, how far could the supply to the hydrant be?[^]