Short story is we have a well we are only getting 9 gallons hour max recovery from. Great water though and we are maxed on depth of the well and have tried other ways to improve recovery with little results. We haul water. But what I want to do, instead of shutting off and not using the well water, I want to pipe it to the storage tank. What system can I setup to control the well flow so as to maximize its assistance in adding to the storage tank without burning up the pump and running well dry? Is there some sort of timer setup that will run the well for intervals during specific times of the day and will shut off if the level in the storage tank is at such a level?
I.e. my thoughts are it will run for 5 min (or depend on flow rate may go 10-15 mins) per hour intervals during hours of 9am - 3pm and between 9pm to 3am...and will shut off if storage tank is at "X" level to prevent overflow and unnecessary pumping from the well..where it could be recovering.
Any help of setup design and equipment would be greatly appreciated.