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Thread: Replacing old pump house equipment

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    Replacing old pump house equipment

    I farm and have a large yard around my house and am hooked up to a rural water supply. I recently added on to the house and did a lot of landscaping and now would like to install a lawn irrigation system. I could use the rural water supply but it would be a little cost prohibitive as well as restrctive as it would only supply @ 10GPM max @ 40 psi and would require a lot of zones to do the large yard. The farm has a well on it that hasn't been used for 15 years. it is a concrete casing 2 feet in diameter 60 feet deep with a water level at 40 feet for 20 feet of water. there is a pump house next to the well with a jet pump and pressure tank 6 feet under ground in the basement of the pump house. there is currently two poly water lines that enter the well through the concrete casing 6 feet under ground. one is 1 1/4" and the other 1". There doesn't appear to be any elbows where the lines enter the well. they just come in at a bit of an angle and the 2 foot casing is large enough to make the bend down. Is there any way to install a new jet pump and get enough GPM to irrigate a lawn. If not what is a good way to install a sbmersible pump in this well and how does one know how much water the well can provide me without running it dry?

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    Does the old jet pump work?

    You could of course use a submersible, that is the best choice for a pump.

    You can't guess how much water will come out of a well until you test it by using a large enough pump to run it beyond it's capacity.


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    Will i have to excavate the dirt between the pump house and well to get the old lines out and install a submersible?

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    You can use the same lines. One for the water (1-1/4") and the other for the wires.

    The deep well jet pump you have now will not do more than 10 gpm. So that is not a good irrigation choice. Of course you don't know what the will will produce either.

    It has been my finding since dug wells are only dug to the top of an aquifer, they don't normally produce much water.


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